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A dance solo born from an ongoing collaboration with pianist Milton Michaeli. 


Schoenberg - OP 2 - First 3 Lieder

Arnold Schoenberg was an Austrian-born composer, widely considered one of the most influential composers of the 20th century. In his early career, he chooses to compose poems by scandalous poet Richard Dehmel. 

Voice: Ahava Katzin

Piano: Giuseppe Loprete



A duet inspired by a beginning of a new relationship to music by Danielle Friedman. 

Dancing with Nat Wilson. 



Created in 2018 as part of a Create:Art residency in GALLIM and performed in New York City. This solo explores a dancer thought process by using text-to-speech versions of many trains of thought as the score. The movement moves from improvised to choreographed.   


Avoiding the Procession, Fearing the Plague

Created in 2017 and performed in New York City as well as FIDCDMX, the International Contemporary Dance Festival of Mexico City. This dark-spirited solo explores soft and lush movement clashing with a horror-inspired costume.  



An ongoing collaboration with pianist Danielle Friedman since 2016. The duet performed in short sections and as a full evening production on various stages in New York City, Europe, and Israel. This project explores in-the-moment communication between music and dance. Every performance is different and nothing is planned ahead of time. 

IMG_20180525_100937 (1).jpg

Two is You

Created between 2016 and 2019 in collaboration with Chelsea Ainsworth. The duet performed in parts and as a full evening production on various stages in New York City. It is based on improvisational partnering and communication through movement. We explored new ways of creating expressive choreography through in-the-moment games of trust.

photo by Kyle Netzeband

Bach Cello Suite 1 Solo

Created in 2016 for an Arts on Site Performance Party and performed on various stages in New York City. The solo is an attempt to translate the music to movement in an intuitive yet very crafted way. 


Hirhur Amok

Created in 2015 as part of Batsheva Ensemble's Dancers Create and performed in Suzan Dallal Teather in Tel Aviv Israel. "Hirhur Amok" (deep thought in Hebrew) is a group piece exploring the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. Inspired by the works of Douglas Adams, the group recorded many improvised conversations being used as the score. The movement is also mostly improvised and expresses a strange hierarchy between the dancers. 



Created in 2014 as part of Batsheva Ensemble's Dancers Create and performed in Suzan Dallal Teather in Tel Aviv Israel. "Nitzanim" (buds in Hebrew) is a monologue resembling a shopping network special, trying to sell the audience a plant that will never bloom. The presenter goes on about the reasons such a product is desirable while a dancer does yoga upstage. The piece explores the nature of expectation in a tragic humor kind of way. 

no clip available



Created in 2012 as part of Young Choreographers of CND and performed in Teatro de La Zarzuela in Madrid Spain. "Isals" (islands in Spanish) is a short solo exploring how poetry and movement work together. 

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