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June 25: Pedestrian Ballet at the DUMBO dance festival.

June 28: Last  More Fish Open Studios for the season at Brooklyn Ballet.

June 29: More Fish Dance Company Presents MESH at Dixon Place

July 13: Last Super Chill Ballet Class for the season at Gibney 890 


April 28 & 30: Grandfather Visit – Martha Graham Studio Theater, WestFest top floor

April 15: Pedestrian Ballet at the 92Y Future Dance Festival

March 6: Grandfather Visit at Dance Gallery Houston 
March 10+11: Grandfather Visit at Motion State Dance Festival 
January 5: new weekly class - Super Chill Ballet, every Thursday at 10 AM at Gibney 890 

January 5: First More Fish Open Studios at Brooklyn Ballet.


December 11: More Fish Dance Company - Performance #1 at Dixon Place

November 29 - December 2:  Free Improvisation workshop at MOtiVE

November 13: Repertory workshop at Mark Morris Dance Center

October 1: Repertory workshop at Festival Ballet Providence

September 30: Pedestrian - film screening at Motion State Arts

September 29: Pedestrian - film screening at CreateART

September 4: Super Chill Ballet Class at Pro Mornings, Suzan Dallal

September 1: Super Chill Ballet Class at Pro Mornings, Suzan Dallal

August 11: Grandfather Visit - Performance at Arts on Site NYC

August 2: Workshop at Playground NYC, Gibney

May 28: Performance at Judson Church with Pioneers go East

May 26: Grandfather Visit - Performance at Judson Church

April 15: Performance at BRIC Brooklyn with Pioneers go East

February 26: Pedestrian Ballet - Inhale Performance Series


October 14+15: Grandfather Visit - LABA Performance at the 14th Street Y

September 25: Pedestrian - Performance at TAKE 6 by Current Showcase

September 19: Baligam - Performance at Center for Performance Research Brooklyn

August 8: A few premieres - Performance at Arts on Site NYC

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