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Gaga is Ohad Naharin's movement language and was developed in the Batsheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv. Gaga people is an open-level class, for schedules in NYC, visit Gibney & Mark Morris.


Inspired by the teachings of Zvi Gotheiner, Super Chill Ballet combines different traditions of ballet training with an emphasis on musicality and movement efficiency. Dancers and amateurs are welcome to explore their bodies and connect to their passion in an atmosphere of acceptance, inclusivity, and enjoyment.


Doron's class is a supportive space dedicated to the exploration of authenticity in movement. Through guided action and imagery, we will learn to be more grounded and present in our bodies, allow new sensations to rise to the surface, and build strength and flexibility. This is an opportunity to sink into your dance, hear your inner voice, and find freedom while expressing yourself with movement. The class will move from a guided warm-up to original repertory work, and finish with an improvisation session.



Free improvisation is a term borrowed from the music world referring to improvisation without rules, where nothing is planned ahead of time. Free-Improvisation in dance creates an intimate space that draws the participants and audiences into something special and fleeting. It brings to the surface a deeper self and inspires this kind of action from more people, both on stage and in everyday interaction.

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