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Gaga is the movement language, training, and research developed by Ohad Naharin and practiced by The Batsheva Dance Company. This class explores the different elements, tasks, and imagery of Gaga by providing a framework for participants to connect to their bodies and imaginations, experience physical sensations, improve their flexibility and stamina, exercise their agility and explosive power, and enjoy the pleasure of movement in a welcoming, accepting atmosphere. 

Changing schedule at Gibney 280, Mark Morris, and Online 



Inspired by the teachings of Zvi Gotheiner, Super Chill Ballet combines different traditions of ballet methods with an emphasis on breathing, musicality, and movement efficiency. Dancers are welcome to explore their training and connect to their passion in an atmosphere of acceptance, inclusivity, and fun.


Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Thursdays, 10-11:45 am at Gibney 890

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