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More Fish  Choreography | Production | Class 


The images of fish, ocean, and water are an expression of our desire (and our ability) to adapt and evolve. Adaptation is a natural process and we can all learn from it. The phrase, “there are plenty more fish in the sea” refers to saying that although a relationship has ended, there are many other people out there to have relationships with. Using that idea as a point of departure for creation, we explore the dualistic nature of rejection and its potential as a stepping stone to new experiences. Our research on how to move with more joy and confidence opens the door for our movement fantasies. From there, out of a desire to connect with new people, we start to see ourselves as part of larger systems that include others.

The work we are doing combines dance with theater, music, and film to enrich the audience's life by both comforting and challenging them. We want to advocate for courage in everyday life that will bring freedom of mind and body. In the work, we deal with both fantasy and reality, the sensations we feel when we dance, as well as the direct social issues we care about. Movement is the most direct at communicating freedom and we want to inspire people to change, adapt and evolve together, trust each other and find joy in play.

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