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 presented by LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture

Grandfather Visit


dance solo by Doron Perk


*** Nominated for a Bessie Award in the category of Outstanding Performer *** 

A dance solo exploring themes of grief and heritage, inspired by many visits to my grandfather in the last few years of his life. I created this performance to both deal with my personal loss as well as my identity as a grandchild of a Holocaust survivor. The dance language ranges from contemporary ballet to free-form improvisation and uses Israeli folk dance to reach emotional climaxes. Through the framing narrative of a visit, I dance out embodied memories, using the movements to evoke forgotten sensations. It is the result of a two-year process, brought to life thanks to the support of LABA - Laboratory for Jewish Culture in New York City.

40 minutes / adaptable



"Perk’s facility and uniqueness as a mover, as well as careful crafting of the atmosphere through varied stylistic approaches, created something satisfying and intriguing... Grandfather Visit is an Exhibit A of how artists can present something that bloomed from deep inside themselves, but which can also connect with things deep inside their audience members."

- Kathryn Boland of Dance Informa. read more

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